Things to Know about being a Certified Nursing Assistant

In the medical field, it is not only the doctors, the nurses, etc. who are referred to as medical professionals. There are also the so-called Certified Nursing Assistants or the CNAs. Before you decide to be one, there are several things you need to know about being a certified nursing assistant.

What is a CNA?

A certified nursing assistant is a medical professional that is also trained to perform tasks related to patient care. CNAs are called assistants because they work alongside nurses. In other words, they are being supervised by nurses in a certain medical institution.

The basic function of a certified nursing assistant is to be of assistance to nurses or follow what the head nurse tells them to do which are mostly related to basic nursing tasks; assisting patients; and even being there for the patients to ease their burdens. Learn more about CNA duties to know whether this path is for you or not. You can read more about Specific Duties of a Certified Nursing Assistant.

The Benefits of being a Certified Nursing Assistant

Becoming a CNA may be a lot different from becoming a doctor or a nurse, but there are several benefits one could get when he or she decides to take this career path.

First, being a CNA opens many doors of job opportunities in the medical field. Most medical institutions prefer nursing assistants who are certified so if you are a certified nursing assistant, you have an edge to get a good job in the medical field over other applicants.

Second, being a CNA also gives you the opportunity to earn a good income.

Third, you are also provided the opportunity to be of service to other people such as the patients. You can make them feel good by taking care of them while they are confined in the hospital.

Most importantly, one of the great benefits of this profession is the fact that it is truly a rewarding experience. You get to earn quite a good income and at the same time, you are doing the noble job of caring for other people who need care in their most depressing times.

How to become a Certified Nursing Assistant

To become a CNA, one of the basic things you need to do is to get CNA training by attending CNA classes. CNA training classes are important in becoming a certified nursing assistant because it is when you attend training classes that you would get proper knowledge and training as to how to perform the basic patient care tasks you are expected to perform once you become a CNA. There are also several courses to take that introduce you to CNA terms, skills, tasks, etc.

How to become CNA for Free

Certified Nursing Assistants are in demand at hospitals, specialist nursing care facilities, assisted care homes, schools, medical clinics and anywhere else registered nurses are employed nationwide. CNA jobs can be found for all kinds of shifts, both during the day and overnight, and most offer flexibility in the hours worked. Training to be a CNA can often cost hundreds of dollars, but there are also free CNA training classes available to you!

Are CNA Online Classes right for you?

See if CNA Online classes are right for youIf you are considering starting a career in the field of healthcare and become a certified nursing assistant, the fastest way to get training and certification is join one of the Online CNA classes. After attending training classes, you still need to pass the CNA examination in order to get certification. That is the time you can be a certified nursing assistant.

How long does CNA Training Last?

The duration of CNA training differs from state to state. There are states that require CNA training for only a week and there are some that require training for three weeks to 3 months. Most of the time, this also depends on how many courses is offered by a certain CNA training class as well as how long does one training session last. You can read more here: The Total Length of CNA Training.

What is Red Cross CNA Training?

CNA Red Cross Training - Best CNA TrainingWhen it comes to certified nursing assistant training classes, the Red Cross CNA training is definitely the best choice. This is because all the course offerings they have are guaranteed recognized, complete and effective. Plus, Red Cross training chapters are scattered all over the country that it wouldn’t be hard for you to find one near your area and get the proper training you need to become a CNA.

What to Expect in a CNA Test

Before you become a truly certified nursing assistant, you must first take the CNA Certification Examination and pass it. This exam will test how much you have learned during your CNA training. There are two categories to expect in a CNA test. One is the written test and the other one is the skills test. The written test is expected to test your theoretical knowledge about being a CNA, while the skills test will test your skills when it comes to performing patient care tasks. Only by passing both categories of the CNA exam can you expect to get the CNA certification you desire.

How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant Earn?

What is CNA Salary and what determines it. How much CNAs actually makeThe salary of CNAs may not be as high as doctors and nurses but it is already high-figure income. Annually, CNAs earn about $24000-$28000. That means a CNA earns about $11-$15 per hour. This is of course, depending on several factors like the state where you are working, your experience, your training and skills, as well as depending on the institution where you are working.

What is CNA re-certification?

CNA re-certification is the process of renewing your CNA certification. Yes, CNA certifications do have expiry dates. The expiry date of a CNA certification also varies from state to state. Some states require you to renew your CNA certification after two years.

Why should you renew your certification? If your certification has expired already, you need to renew it in order to maintain your status as a certified nursing assistant and continue to work. Some CNAs usually forget to renew their certification especially when they quit their job. This becomes a problem when you try to apply as a CNA again as your certification will no longer be honored. You may have to take training and examination again. This is why CNA re-certification is just as important as taking training to be certified.

How to Renew CNA License?

Whether you are an active CNA or not, you can always renew CNA license. However, it is easier to renew your certification if you are an active CNA. This is because you are only required to submit your credits and other documents certifying your current CNA status and then you can be issued your renewal right away. But if you have been inactive, you may still be required to take CNA exam in order to renew your certification.