CNA Job Description and Specific CNA Duties

Certified Nursing Assistants are medical professionals trained to provide nursing assistance and patient care. These professionals are mostly seen working in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. But their work location is not limited to institutions alone. This is because they can also be found working at the patient’s home.

In hospitals and other medical institutions, they provide assistance to nurses. Nurses also have lots of tasks to perform and it truly helps when there are CNAs around to assist them in terms of accomplishing basic tasks. CNA duties also include providing assistance to patients whether they are in the hospital or at home. It is their task to attend to the patient’s needs and lighten their load despite the illness they are currently suffering from.

Even though they are not nurses and doctors, CNAs perform the most important duties of a medical professional as well.

CNA Job Description and CNA DutiesHere are some of the specific duties of a certified nursing assistant:

Attend to patients’ personal care. Patients who are really ill as well as older patients usually have a hard time attending to their personal needs by themselves such as taking a bath, toilet needs, changing clothes, brushing their teeth and other tasks related the patients’ personal hygiene. With this, a certified nursing assistant assists the patient so that even if they are weak and ill and cannot do these tasks on their own, they can still keep themselves clean all the time.

Patient Assistance. It is not only with the patients’ personal hygiene that CNAs are helpful but also when it comes to mobility. Very ill and weak patients as well as older patients usually
have a hard time walking to dinner, going to the toilet, etc. on their own. Even the simple task of standing up and transferring from the bed to a chair is also a bit hard for them. CNAs are
trained to be of assistance to patients in this area too. They make sure that they do not leave the patient unattended, but safe whether he or she is sitting or lying down.

Patient Feeding. Most of the time, sick people and older people also have a hard time feeding themselves. There are patients who cannot even lift their spoon up that if they are left
unattended, they wouldn’t be able to eat. With this, it is the duty of a certified nursing assistant to assist patients in feeding too. Their duty is not only to provider patient’s personal care and assist patients when moving but they are also trained to help feed the patients who can no longer eat on their own. CNAs make sure that their patients get to eat the right food at the right amount.

Keep the patient company. Whether the patient is confined in the hospital or at home, they are prone to feel lonely. Most patients even get depressed because of their illness. Older patients
also tend to become grumpy because of loneliness. With this, it is also the task of a CNA to keep the patient company. They talk to the patient about variety of topics, encourage them, make
them smile, ease their burdens, and make them feel good despite their condition. This is why they need to know how to connect with the patient so they won’t feel all alone.

Assisting Nurses. The task of a CNA is not only confined to assisting patients with their needs but they also provide assistance to nurses in the hospital. Nurses have different tasks to perform as well such as collecting specimens, organizing records, monitoring patients, etc. To make the tasks of nurses a lot easier and hassle-free so they can concentrate on the doctor’s orders, CNAs are there to accomplish some of the basic tasks of nurses. They can also collect specimen, organize records, monitor patients, and a lot more.

Monitor Vital signs. One of the most common tasks of a nurse is to monitor the patient’s condition in behalf of the doctor. But since there are also other tasks to be accomplished by nurses, basic tasks such as monitoring the vital signs of the patient like their blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, etc. are most of the time, performed by a certified nursing assistant.
This is part of the assistance they can give to nurses. They are trained to monitor the patient’s condition and record any abnormalities and problems so they can report it back to the nurse or to the doctor.

Administering Medicines. Patients are normally required to take medications for the treatment of whatever illness they have and these medications should be administered properly and regularly whether they are in the hospital or at home. But because some patients tend to forget, especially the older patients, a certified nursing assistant is helpful. It is also the task of CNAs to administer medication to the patients and ensure that they take their medications regularly and at the exact time recommended by the doctor. While patients can forget, it is the duty of CNAs to never forget the medication needed by the patient, what time, what dosage, etc.

Room Cleaning. In a hospital or even in the patient’s home, a clean room is very important. This is because it would not only make the room look neat but a clean room can also keep away
bacteria from attacking the patient. A patient’s resistance is normally weak because of the illness, so it is a must to keep his or her surroundings sanitary at all times. It is therefore one of the basic duties of a certified nursing assistant as it is also one form of patient care. Therefore, just as CNAs should learn basic medical tasks, they should also learn basic cleaning tasks.

CNAs also perform vital tasks whether in a hospital or at the patient’s home. This is the reason why it is a must for a nursing assistant to be truly trained and certified to be able to perform CNA duties professionally and well.