What is CNA recertification?

CNA certification usually expires in two years and this means that your certification will no longer be valid and honored. This is where CNA re-certification comes in. CNA recertification is the process of getting certified once again by simply renewing your CNA certification. In most states, renewing CNA certification is required after two years. The process is a bit like getting certification the first time. The only difference that; there is no need to train again and retake the CNA certification test.

Why should you get CNA recertification?

Some CNAs fail to get CNA re-certification and this is when they quit their job already and don’t expect that they would want to get back on the job in the future. Some CNAs also tend to forget to renew their certification. CNA re-certification is very important for several reasons:

First, getting re-certified will keep your CNA status updated. In other words, you will be able to maintain your reputation as a certified nursing assistant. With this, you can avoid going through training once again as well as avoid retaking the CNA exam once again due to failure of renewing certification on time.

Second, getting re-certified will allow you to continue being trusted by both medical professionals and the patients you would be dealing with. Renewing your certification also ensures you that whether you transfer from one health care institution to another or decide to go private, you will always have higher chances of getting hired.

Third, getting re-certified will allow you to continue being a certified nursing assistant. This is because of the higher chances for you to be hired by most institutions and private individuals. Therefore, if you want to keep your job as a CNA, it is a must to get CNA re-certification.

What are the disadvantages of failing to get CNA recertification on time?

Most CNAs tend to just ignore the fact that they failed to renew their certification on time. Some of them just push their dates to renew their certification. But, there are dangers or cons of failing to get re-certified on time:

One, you could waste your money as pushing the date of renewing your certification could require you to get training once again especially if you haven’t been working as a CNA for a long time. Plus, even if you have been an active CNA, you could also waste money since there are penalties when you fail to renew certification on time.

Two, you could also waste your time since you would be spending it for CNA training once again instead of spending it for work and earning money.

Most importantly, failing to renew your certification on time is a good way to lose your interest in being a CNA and it is a successful way of burning your CNA dreams to ashes. This is because the thought of training and taking the test once again could lessen your interest and when you lose your interest, you could give up all you have invested just to become a CNA.

How long does it take to get CNA recertification?

Getting re-certified is not really a difficult process. The application process of getting CNA re-certification does not take long. You can even finish it in one day provided you meet all the requirements. It is the processing of your CNA re-certification that usually lasts longer. It usually takes two weeks for the process to be completed. Therefore, you’ll have to wait two week to get your new CNA certification. Upon receiving your new CNA certification, you will be provided with a new expiry date again.

Factors that affect the ease of getting CNA recertification

Not all CNAs who are trying to get re-certified undergo a hassle-free process. There are those who are finding it hard to renew their CNA certification even when it is naturally easy to be re-certified than to get certified the first time. This is because there are factors that can affect the ease of the process.

One factor is being an inactive CNA for the past two years. It can either be that you quit your job so you are no longer practicing your profession. You will have difficulty renewing your certification this way as you would be required to take training once again and re-take examination.

Another factor is failure to complete requirements. There are documents you’ll have to show in order to renew your certification such as the proof that you have been an active CNA, etc. If you are not prepared with all the requirements, it would be difficult for you to get re-certified at once.

The third factor is acquiring criminal records. If in the course of two years, you have been convicted for crimes like felony, etc. you are definitely going to have a hard time renewing your certification. In fact, you may no longer be allowed to renew your certification for good.

Tips in getting CNA recertification successfully

Mark your CNA certification expiry date on your calendar or make sure you never forget it. This way, you can make sure to get re-certified on time and avoid re-certificate problems.

  • Complete your requirements before the expiry date. While your certification is not yet expired, gather all the necessary requirements needed to get re-certified. This way, when the date of re-certification arrives, you are all set and ready to submit them and you can be re-certified easily and quickly.
  • Always get CNA re-certification on time. Do not delay and as mentioned, do not ever forget your certification’s expiry date.
  • Do not be involved in felony crimes as much as possible. It will not only tarnish you record and reputation but it could also give you a hard time renewing your CNA certification.

CNA re-certification is very important as it means getting certified again. The process is much easier as no training or testing is required provided you meet all the requirements and you renew on time. After all, if you don’t want to go through all the trouble ad hassle of training and taking the CNA exam again, being responsible in getting CNA recertification truly helps a lot.