How Long is CNA Training?

About a week to 6-12 weeks. Which one do I need?

CNA is an in demand job in the US nowadays, as well as one of the most rewarding jobs. It not only offers a good source of income but it also provides you the opportunity to help other people in the field of healthcare as well as in inspiring patients, etc.

However, the duties of a CNA are not as easy as you think. CNAs are frontlines when it comes to patient care and patient care is a not a task to be taken lightly.

They are tasked to assist nurses in taking patient’s blood pressure, checking their vital signs, assist with patients’ personal care, etc. and these are all sensitive tasks or tasks that may sound simple but actually require careful and proper delivery. This is why proper education and CNA training is very important and those who want to become CNAs should invest in CNA training.

CNA training has several benefits to those who want to take the CNA career path. Training will help you pass the CNA certification exam which is necessary in order to get certified. Training will also help build your reputation as a CAN, and most of all, investing in CNA training can guarantee you that you would land on a good CNA job easily.

How long does CNA training and certification take?

How long does CNA Training and Certification takeCNA Training is not something that can be completed overnight. The shortest CNA training last for about a week and the longest lasts for 6-12 weeks. The duration of your CNA training, however, depends upon several factors such as the program, the schedule, seriousness, the school or training facility as well as how intense each training session is.

CNA Training Programs. This refers to the thoroughness of certain programs and courses included in CNA training. In other words, it depends on how complete the training programs are.

There are some online CNA training classes that last only a short period of time and the main reason is because they only provide theoretical classes and no hands-on training. While there are those training programs that last longer because classes cover all aspects of being a CNA or everything that you need to learn about patient care whether theoretical or practical.

Preferred Schedule

The total length of CNA training also depends on whether you prefer to be a full time trainee or a part-time trainee. It depends on your schedule. There are some students who are training part time only. These students are those who have other day jobs to attend to. They usually schedule their training during their spare time only. There are also those who
are full time trainees. They are the ones who have no other activities to do rather than train to become CNAs. They are likely to spend more time training. With this, when it comes to total length of CNA training, part-time trainees usually experience longer training duration than those who are full-time trainees.

Effort and Seriousness

This refers to the effort and seriousness you and the training facility are willing to invest in CNA training. There are people, especially those who are training online, who do not really take training seriously. They tend to procrastinate just because they can access training whenever they want. If this is your attitude, CNA training could last forever and could affect the quality of training you would get. Likewise, if the training providers are also not serious into training you well and the instructors are fund of making absences, CNA training.

The School or the Training Facility

The total length of CNA training also depends on the school you enroll in or the training facility you are attending. There are many CNA training schools available nowadays and some of them offer one week training as well as some of them offer full training that takes about 6-12 weeks. There are some that offer variety of CNA training options wherein you can just choose whether you want a week of training or the normal length of training they offer.

Intensity of the Session

CNA Training sessions vary in terms of how intense the training session is. If the session takes 72 hours of intense education and practical training, it is possible to be trained in the shortest possible time. However, if the training session takes everything slowly, one subject per session, then the length of training may be longer.

To sum up, not all CNA training classes have the same length of training. The answer depends on the factors mentioned above. Normally, people want to opt for the shortest length of training as possible because they want to be certified at once and get a job at once. Some people want short training length because they are busy and have other appointments to attend to. It is not impossible to find CNA training classes that are short and quick. There are even schools offering only a week of CNA training.

However, when it comes to CNA training, do not compromise the quality of training in exchange for short and quick training. Not all training facilities that offer short length of training are reputable and not all of them provide quality training even for a short time.

If you are going to opt for a short length of training, make sure you check how thorough and complete the programs offered are. Check the reputation of the training schools offering such short programs especially those that are being offered online. Check if they are known to provide quality CNA training.

You should also check whether the instructors are trustworthy, truly experienced and have the capability to provide you the best CNA training.

Above all, you should also have the willingness to do your part to make your training length as short and quick as possible.

This means, whether you are training online or offline, be serious, be disciplined and be willing to invest time, money and effort for the success of your training no matter how long or how short it takes.